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Sign Up Now for ONLY
£126.99 £26.99!

Because betting is all I’ve known for the majority of my adult life!

I went straight from school to working in a bookies. Dad was reading the weekend paper and saw the local betting shop was hiring. He said I could do with a bit of work experience, so I went for it.

Fast forward 12 years and I was the general manager. I had 7 staff working below me and I completely ran the show. The owner, Steve, had left the shop entirely in my hands about 6 years prior. He’d pop in every now and again to check on business but he spent most of the year sunning himself in Thailand.

I was in charge of wages, accounts, dealing with frustrated punters – the works! But my salary was comfortable and for the most part I enjoyed my job. I owned a two bedroom house in Peterborough in which I lived with my wife and two beautiful daughters. Life was pretty much plain sailing for me, until the day Steve showed up with his nephew, Rupert.

Rupert was 21 years old and fresh out of uni, having just graduated with a degree in Business Management. Steve informed me that Rupert was to shadow me for a couple of weeks and that I was to teach him all the tricks of the trade as this would be valuable work experience for him.

After just 5 weeks of supervising and training Rupert, I received a phone call from Steve…

“Hi mate, Steve here. Sorry for calling so early. Urmmmm… I, uh… There’s no easy way to say this, Paul. The bookies has really been struggling lately… financially speaking. With the additional staff members and, urmmm… the new computer… I’m afraid I just can’t afford to have you on the payroll anymore. I’m really sorry, Paul. I’ll still pay you for the rest of the week but there’s no need to come in today… or, ever. I really had no other choice here, pal. If there was some way of keeping you on you know I would! You’re a great guy! But, sometimes… these things just can’t be helped. Anyway, I guess I’ll… see you around.”

The f*cking liar!

The f*cking coward!

He didn’t even have the balls to sack me in person – he did it over the phone after TWELVE YEARS of hard work and loyalty.

And the business was not struggling! I handled most of the paperwork for goodness sake! Who did he think he was talking to?! That bookies made an obscene amount of money and most of the employees were paid minimum wage!

I knew exactly what had happened. He’d given my job to his nephew in spite of the fact that I’d worked tirelessly for more than a decade to make that business a success.

I felt angry, betrayed and I was left with no source on income to support my family. AND SO – I decided to get revenge!

I knew EVERYTHING there was to know about betting; the methods, the tricks and the scams. Often I would know the outcome of a fixed race as much as a whole week before the actual event! And even after losing my job I still had access to all of this information due to contacts I’d made within the industry.

So, I decided to dedicate my time to using all that knowledge and start making myself a fortune! The results speak for themselves! And now, it's YOUR TURN because I'm going to let you in on my secrets too! 

I know that a service like this is worth thousands of pounds, but just to get one over on the scumbag who screwed me over (and all the other dishonest, money-hungry bookies out there) I’m giving these incredible tips to you for just £26.99!


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